URBAN PLAY, 2015-PRESENT(on-going project)

By igniting smoke grenades within urban areas from Harlem to Leicester and capturing these moments on camera, I record a disobedient curiosity for visual rebellion via the lens. A deeper theory I explore is creation via destruction due to each photo involving the smoke grenades having to go through an element of definite destruction before the colour can be created. The element of risk born from working within built-up, urban areas is a crucial dynamic that transcends the recalcitrant nature of the smoke grenade and communicates the contradictions of making art with a weapon/tool commonly associated with riots and revolts.

'Harlem, 5:00am' 2016. Dimensions variable. BUY PRINTS HERE .

'TROLLEY' 2014. Dimensions variable. BUY PRINTS HERE

'CP Red' 2015. Dimensions variable. BUY PRINTS HERE

      'BLACK BOY' 2016. Dimensions variable.    BUY PRINTS HERE

  'BLACK BOY' 2016. Dimensions variable. BUY PRINTS HERE

'OCx3', 2015. Dimensions variable. BUY PRINTS HERE

'Traffic Bridge' 2015. Dimensions variable. BUY PRINTS HERE

'BB Double' 2015. Dimensions variable. BUY PRINTS HERE

'YG Extinguish' 2015. Dimensions variable. BUY PRINTS HERE