LATEST highlights:


March 2018 (Coming soon) - Travelling to Hong Kong to exhibit and make site-specific work for the Asia Contemporary Art Show and GREAT Festival of Innovation .

November 2017 - Performed 'I Smoke, You Choke' on the LCB Depot  Gallery rooftop over several hundred visitors. A large scale, 6-panel piece titled 'Ascending Into A Different Beast'  was made using smoke grenades & gunpowder, whilst a flying drone camera captured the footage from above.

September 2017 - Exhibited at Saatchi Gallery as a solo artist for START 2017.

The key attraction to this exhibition was to show artworks that were made with a homemade pyrotechnical missile launcher and smoke grenades (also on show) next  to  TV's that showed the explosive process videos of the artworks creation. (See one of the videos here.)