Rain Check 2014

One-shot Video. Short-film Project for DMU

A short film project was set by DMU to record a 60 second, one-shot video which would then go on to be screened at the Phoenix cinema in Leicester, UK. For this project Marcus collaborated with Latex Lingerie designer Elissa Poppy. - ''I had this idea in my head of a model approaching the camera before lowering herself in a suggestive way and then rising again after a period of time, at this point I imagined a portion of the audience to jump to false conclusions until the camera is turned around and the same female is in shot, representing female power and love for thy self. The voice over is directly something I personally relate to and felt like it needed to be communicated.''

Outfit by Elissa Poppy (Instagram)

Soundtrack: Crystal Castles- Empathy / MC Ride (Death Grips)

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