First blog post. Quick Summary

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Ok so BANG, here i am. In the studio (StudionAme, Leicester) about to use this blog to briefly tell you what I'm up to from time to time. Firstly let's begin with a rough summary of what I've been upto:

I graduated from a Degree course in Fine Art at De Montfort University this year in July, the course facilities and freedom helped me evolve my practice significantly. But in my own opinion, the way Fine Art is marked as a whole does not encourage students with real talent, instead it encourages creatively lacking art students to confidently share their shit art with the rest of the world.  And i have a theory to prove it called 'The Dead Picasso Theory' that i'll go into another time. 

ANYWAY, here's my summary of my time on the course in  bullet points

  • Accepted onto the course 'unconditionally' for turning up at the interview with no portfolio, just my painted bed mattress...the one i slept on.
  • For the first project i stuck a smoke grenade into some pigs heads and photographed the results. The photo won a class competition.
  • I can't remember if lying under a train to record Passing Of Time was a good idea or not.
  • I continued to stick smoke grenades in objects for 'Cryptics' before venturing outside with them to continue the URBAN PLAY project.
  • Sourced an old church and instigated a first year exhibition for me and a few of my peers.
  • I was talking to my Grandad about war one day which influenced me to build the missile launcher.
  • I broke my wrist whilst falling from a fence mid-chase, after taking more photos for the  URBAN PLAY project within some due-to-be-demolished offices.
  • Can't do much with a broken wrist, so i started to build this website.
  • Wrist healed, took missile launcher to a city car park and filmed the first outdoor test (the first actual test was in my bathroom.... )
  • Went on a student 'sight-seeing' trip to New York... The statue of liberty is smaller than i expected. Spent rest of the time sourcing smoke grenades, then took them up to Harlem at 5:00am to add another image to the URBAN PLAY project.
  • Held a student art auction and sold one of my URBAN PLAY photos to Christian Furr.  
  • Was commissioned by the university Vice Chancellor to make 'And Still She Rises' for Baroness, Doreen Lawrence being appointed as the new university chancellor. Unfortunately setting off the fire alarms in the process, but no harm done. 
  • Evolved my missile launcher work into a deeper context. That being 'creation via destruction'
  • Realized that 'creation via destruction' really suits me as an artist and is what I'd like to expand on after graduating.
  • Was asked to collaborate and star in the university's new TV advert. 
  • Graduated, under the watchful eye of a proud family, who before i came to university were in a court room convinced i was going to prison. 

So that's me. I'm here to stay and keep doing what I love which is creating art via methods of destruction.

I've been keeping close ties with the university since i graduated as they've asked me back to do performances for ceremonies and I've recently been asked to do another commission for an International campaign they've got going on which i'll go into later. I also won a place on a creative business growth program called The Crucible Project which is based at DMU. Hopefully this will help me apply some financial sanity/stability to what i do in the long run. . .

So that's me, writing from a studio space that i won in a competition thanks to Silver Vine Arts, which is where i put in some long hours to film my first Promo Video. I'm not doing too bad for a graduated art student and now I'm in the process of 'mastering' my craft, developing new techniques (like the homemade explosive i just set off that didn't go well at all, will go into that later..) and producing solo-show-worthy work. (most of which i haven't mentioned on here yet) 

Soo ye....It's all fun & games.