‘Creation via destruction’

Pablo Picasso once said that ‘’Every act of creation is at first, an act of destruction.’’ Since I heard this I’ve been obsessed with making artwork via destructive processes. This quote doesn’t only relate to art, it resonates throughout the universe. Even a seed has to destroy the nutrients around it in order for a plant to grow and a human egg can’t develop without the destruction of its wall.

This notion lead me into a practice that adapts various tools like a homemade missile launcher, gunpowder and smoke grenades to produce an on-going wide array of work from performance-lead paintings to provocative photographic images. Adapting these weapons/tools commonly associated with riots and war,  to create art instead of spread fear is a contradiction that speaks for itself . One that also allows me to explore our primal attraction towards the wonder pyrotechnics.

2016 Promo video below:

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